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“Pure Healthy Nails Dip-Gel” from
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No odor, No damaged nails, No heavy feel, No Ultraviolet (UV) light, Looks natural, Nails grow healthier after Dip Gel removal, Longer lasting, No Chinese Chemicals or Ingredients, and Made in America!!

No Odor – Because the ingredients contain no harsh chemicals there is no odor. Most nail acrylic dip gels may contain harsh chemicals that may be toxic and harmful to your body and give off a strong bad smell. Many individuals are allergic either short and/or long term to this potential hazard. Nail technicians and the customers, as well, now can be free from these annoying and potentially dangerous irritants.

No Damaged Nails – The formula and technique for applying this product produces a superior final result that is more flexible. With the softer and more flexible Dip Gel you have virtually no damaged nails between applications.

No Heavy Feel – With the Dip Gel formula there is a more flexible final result obtained, thus allowing the underlying nail to feel less stiff, tight and reduces lifting.

Red Professional Acrylic NailsLooks Natural – Dip Gel nails are cured by dipping the nail into a powdered gel activator. Dip Gel nails can be used over the entire nail and can be used to fix split or broken nails. Artificial fingernails made from Dip Gel tend to look more natural than acrylic nails.

No Damaging Ultraviolet (UV) Light – Excessive exposure to UV radiation can cause genetic mutations that can lead to serious skin conditions and possible damage to the eyes. Fair-skinned people are the most susceptible to these problems. In addition, it can cause skin to wrinkle and age much faster than normal. No Ultraviolet (UV) light is used in conjunction with the Dip Gel product

Nails Grow Healthier After Dip Gel Removal – results show that after removal of the Dip Gel nail most individuals have had their natural nails grow during the time of the gel being on their nails. Many have not been able to experience this before with Acrylic nails. Much less filing is required in the application process.

Longer Lasting – because of the softer and more flexible Dip Gel’s final result, the nail looks better for a longer period of time.

No Nail Polish Needed – With 160+ different colors of Dip Gel, there is no need for Nail Polish as the Dip Gel powder is a solid color. This saves both time and money for the customer and Nail Salon owner. If any abrasions, nicks, scratches or chips should occur they are nearly invisible.

Diamond_Nails_Image_-_2013-05-09No Ingredients From China – None of the ingredients are from China or outside of America. The containers are from America and the kits are made and assembled in America.

Made In America – For assurance of quality of the product and for the safety and well-being of the Customer and Nail Technician this Dip Gel product and its ingredients are “Made in America”.

For your protection and well-being, both immediate and in the future, ALWAYS look at the ingredients in the product container you are having used on you and WHAT COUNTRY IT IS FROM?? Don’t be fooled by “Assembled in America” or “Packaged in America” on the package. Most importantly, the ingredients must also be “Made in America”.

A Safe Quality Nail Product At Reasonable Prices!